Feb 27, 2018

Robinson R44 Cadet Lands in Las Vegas for Heli-Expo 2018

The Cadet has the same airframe, rotor system, and Lycoming O-540-F1B5 as the R44 Raven I, but the Cadet’s rear seats are removed, maximum takeoff weight is lowered to 2,200 pounds, and the engine is derated to 210 hp for takeoff and 185 hp continuous.

The aircraft, priced at $339,000, costs $40,000 less than the R44 Raven I. A float-equipped Cadet is available for $367,000. Among the options on the Cadet are air-conditioning—thus far available only on the Raven II—stability augmentation system/autopilot, and VFR and IFR training avionics packages.

According to Robinson, “The lower weight and derated power provide greater performance margins at high altitudes and extend the time between overhaul to 2,400 hours from 2,200 hours, reducing operating costs.”

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