Jan 23, 2020

Leonardo’s Falco Xplorer UAV Makes First Flight - AIN

The new Falco Xplorer tactical remotely piloted air system is the largest unmanned air vehicle built by the Leonardo group. On January 15 the aircraft made a long-awaited first flight in Italy. The Xplorer offers new medium-altitude, long endurance surveillance and reconnaissance capability for a variety of military and civil applications.

The Xplorer will be able to carry several sensors that will make it a very versatile surveillance platform. However, it will not carry weapons and so will not be subject to the restrictions associated with international traffic in arms rules. Its export prospects are further boosted by the fact that it does not include U.S-made technology and so will not be subject to Pentagon-imposed restrictions. It will be certified to fly in both controlled and uncontrolled airspace.

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