Mar 24, 2020

How Garmin’s GFC 600H Flight Control System Makes Flying a Helicopter a lot Easier - AIN

Garmin’s new GFC 600H helicopter flight control system has been certified and is ready for installation in customer helicopters, initially the Airbus AS350 B2/B3. The company has been giving pilots demonstrations of the system’s features in its Airbus AS350 AStar.

The GFC 600H is available in a two-axis or three-axis configuration and it is a “fly-through” flight control system, which means that it is similar to stability augmentation system-type helicopter autopilots in that it maintains a stable state that frees the pilot to perform other tasks and not have to concentrate on maintaining the helicopter’s attitude all the time. Jack Loflin, Garmin’s engineering flight-test team lead, uses the analogy of a fixed-wing airplane’s inherent stability to describe how fly-through stability works.

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