EASA Certifies Garmin G3X Touch

 - July 21, 2020, 4:07 PM
Garmin's 10.6-inch (left) and 7-inch (right) G3X Touch displays installed in a Grumman Tiger.

Europe-based owners of certified single-engine aircraft can now install Garmin’s G3X Touch in their aircraft, thanks to EASA’s certification of the displays. G3X Touch displays come in seven- and 10.6-inch sizes and can be installed as dual seven-inch or 10.6-inch displays, a combination of each size, or single displays. Prices for certified G3X Touch start at $7,995 for the seven-inch display and $9,995 for the 10.6-inch display, which includes the supplemental type certificate. 

G3X Touch offers synthetic vision as standard as well as vertical navigation. Also available is Garmin Connext for wireless flight plan transfer and sharing weather, traffic, and backup attitude information with compatible mobile devices. 

When installed with Garmin’s GFC 500 autopilot, G3X Touch provides the attitude source, and a separate G5 electronic flight instrument isn’t required. With the GFC 500 paired with the G3X Touch, pilots can fly autopilot-coupled IFR approaches, coupled visual approaches, and fully coupled go-arounds. This also requires the installation of a Garmin GPS 175, GNC 355, GNX 375, or GTN series navigator. 

To provide a suitable backup for the G3X Touch, the G5 can serve this function. The GFC 500 autopilot works with either unit and picks which one is the best source if there is a miscompare.

G3X Touch is compatible with various audio panels, including Garmin’s GMA 345 and 342, and it can also control two comm radios. For piston engines up to six cylinders, G3X Touch can display engine and fuel information when paired with the GEA 24 engine interface module.