Appareo Upgrades EnVision FDM Software

 - May 19, 2020, 3:20 PM

Appareo has upgraded its web-based EnVision analysis software for flight data monitoring (FDM) and flight operations quality assurance (FOQA) programs. EnVision can now accept flight data from devices other than the company’s Vision 1000 cockpit recorder, including other Appareo devices and third-party sources.

“While many flight analysis applications require significant technical capability to operate with effectiveness, EnVision was built with a focus on ease of use,” said Appareo president and CEO David Batcheller.

EnVision allows aircraft operators to access past and current flight data, generate detailed reports, and see trends in the safety improvements in their operations. Data is transferred from an aircraft to a local computer via SD card, then uploaded to Appareo's servers for analysis. The software parses all flight data against customized, user-defined event triggers, enabling detailed reports and trend analysis.

Data transfer can be instantaneous or scheduled to accommodate operators who need to move it during periods of low network activity due to bandwidth limitations. Flight data is archived to, and retrievable from, Appareo servers, allowing customers to access data online as needed. EnVision is offered on a per-aircraft subscription basis without user limits and includes the hosting of stored flight data.