Baldwin's SMS Program Surpasses 4M Report Mark

 - November 15, 2022, 11:04 AM
Baldwin Safety & Compliance clients are submitting a range of safety reports through their SMS programs. (Photo: Mark Wagner/AIN)

Baldwin Safety & Compliance has reached a milestone with its safety management system (SMS) programs, announcing that users have topped four million form submissions to the associated software.

The Hilton Head Island, South Carolina business aviation safety specialist added that these reports extend beyond flight risk assessments and maintenance risk assessments to numerous other submissions. These include Aviation Safety Action Programs, other safety reports, internal audit forms, change management notices, accident/incident reports, UAS forms, OSHA audits, and miscellaneous documentation. The reports and other submissions lead to well-rounded SMS programs, Baldwin said, and have generated more than 220 million individual data points.

“Reaching this four-million milestone signifies that our clients recognize the importance of proactive safety management by incorporating strategies and activities that contribute to regular and active filing of reports,” said Donald Baldwin, founder and president of Baldwin Safety & Compliance. “With each filed report, our mission to manage risk and prevent accidents is advanced. We are always looking for ways to further streamline the reporting process, such as the recent incorporation of NASA ASRS with our reporting tool.”

Involved in safety management since 2004, Baldwin said the submissions were tallied through an upgraded software system installed in 2012. The company said its SMS framework is scalable and customizable so it can help organizations remain proactive in risk management and foster a positive safety culture.