ZenithJet Adds Greenhouse Gas Accounting

 - September 27, 2022, 11:05 AM
Through ZenithJet's greenhouse gas accounting, Elit’Avia found that 69 percent of its emissions came directly from fleet operations. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Aviation consulting firm ZenithJet has signed on its first three sustainability clients—Jetcraft, Axis Flight Training Systems, and Elit’Avia—that are contracting with the Montreal-based adviser to understand their climate impact through the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

ZenithJet measures clients’ GHGs according to international standards—the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064. GHG accounting quantifies direct and indirect emissions across the entire supply chain and corporate departments.

“We operate a global network of more than 70 aviation professionals across 20 offices worldwide,” said Jetcraft president Peter Antonenko. “In addition to our operations, our team travels extensively to meet the needs of our clients. Working with ZenithJet has allowed us to examine the totality of our operations and activities, providing us with a data-based understanding of our impact on the planet and a baseline for change.”

Nick Houseman, president of ZenithJet and co-owner of its sister company, Elit’Avia, explained that through GHG accounting, Elit’Avia found that 69 percent of its emissions came directly from operating its fleet while the remaining 31 percent came from related activities, such as aircraft maintenance, electrical power, and employee business travel. “With these numbers as a baseline, it is possible to break down operations and seek reductions on a line-by-line basis.”