Universal's InSight Avionics Available for Falcon 900B

 - September 7, 2022, 10:54 AM
Universal Avionics' Insight flight deck upgrade for the Dassault Falcon 900B trijet includes brighter and larger displays. (Photo: Universal Avionics)

Dassault Aviation has received a supplemental type certificate for Universal Avionics’ InSight flight deck upgrade on the Falcon 900B trijet. With the upgrade, 900B operators will have an increased level of situational awareness through InSight’s 3D synthetic vision system and 2D interactive digital maps.

The new system also offers higher brightness, large-format displays, and intuitive interfaces. Additionally, it increases available payload by more than 200 pounds, replacing the business jet’s higher-weight, original five cathode-ray-tube flight deck that had limited brightness and color rendering. The upgrade is compatible with the FANS 1/A+, CPDLC, and ATN B1 solutions provided by Dassault.

“The InSight Display System continues to gain significant momentum in the market, with nine STCs available or in advanced development, demonstrating the scalability of the system for business aviation,” said Universal Avionics CEO Dror Yahav. “Upcoming upgrades for enhanced flight vision systems and flight deck connectivity will bring the updated airplane into the front line of business jets.”