Avidyne Releases Major FMS Software Update

 - September 2, 2022, 11:04 AM
The latest version of Avidyne's FMS operating system software will come with new units and can be installed in the field by Avidyne dealers. (Photo: Avidyne)

The latest operating system upgrade for Avidyne navigators is now available as a free software upgrade, although it must be installed by an authorized Avidyne dealer. The AviOS10.3 upgrade has received FAA technical standard order and supplemental type certificate approval for IFD-series FMS/GPS/navcoms and Atlas/Helios flight management systems (FMS).

Key new features include a visual approach with pilot-selectable straight-in, base, or downwind entries and glideslope angle. Optional TAWS is available for $7,999. Helicopter operators will appreciate the new radar altimeter display, power line database, half-mile zoom range, and optional three arc-second high-definition terrain database.

New IFD and Atlas/Helios features include VNAV (advisory on the IFD5XX series), CDI scaling for oceanic mode, an interface with Garmin’s GI 275 electronic flight instrument, map zoom to half a mile, radius-to-fix legs, and display of ADS-B weather and traffic from portable devices. Additionally, it offers extended support for flight operational quality assurance programs, twin-engine fuel calculation support, importing of user waypoints from a CSV file, weight calculator, and other improvements.

Release of the new software was delayed in part by the pandemic and supply chain issues, according to Avidyne president and CEO Dan Schwinn. “AviOS10.3 includes several significant new functions and features that will continue to keep our FMS line at the forefront in general and business aviation avionics.”