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Finding Some Privacy Aboard the Falcon

 - May 24, 2022, 1:46 AM
Dassault’s Privacy Seat (left) gives passengers a quiet space to relax.

Dassault Aviation has introduced a new seating option for its business jet range that provides for more privacy and restful sleep on long flights. Known as the Falcon Privacy Suite, the new option is initially being offered on the Falcon 6X and 8X.

Private suites, comprising individual compartments with reclining lie-flat beds, had hitherto been unavailable in purpose-built business jets, having only been an option for adapted airliner types or in first-class accommodation in airliners. The patented Dassault concept—a mockup of which was shown last week at the company’s EBACE display—has been developed over two years by the in-house Falcon Design Studio in collaboration with the engineering department.

The Falcon Privacy Suite comprises a seat that reclines electrically to create an 80-inch-long flat bed. When restored to seat configuration, there is an extra seat that serves as an ottoman for a second occupant. An adjustable mid-height partition is installed to screen the occupant from other passengers. An overhead 24-inch 4K screen is connected to Dassault’s Innovative Cabin System.

Multiple Privacy Suites can be installed, depending on aircraft model and cabin configuration. In the 8X version, the Privacy Suite seat is 22 inches wide, while the 6X version measures 24 inches.