Nav Canada Conducting ADS-B Trials Under FL290

 - January 25, 2022, 1:27 PM

Nav Canada has started an ADS-B service trial below FL290 in portions of the Montreal flight information region (FIR). The trial will evaluate overall system performance and assess the effectiveness of ADS-B operations in a terminal area and in high-density airspace. Nav Canada has provided ADS-B surveillance service at FL 290 and above on a voluntary basis since February 2021.

Operators intending to participate in the trial must use aircraft equipped with 1090 MHz extended squitter Mode S transponders using diverse antennae or antennae capable of broadcasting upwards towards satellites. Bottom antennas alone do not meet the requirement. Participants must also file the following ADS-B equipage information in their ICAO flight plans: 1090 MHz ADS-B “out” and “in” capabilities.

Nav Canada in 2019 suspended its plan to mandate the use of ADS-B starting in 2021 in response to feedback from stakeholders and the industry. The postponement has given Nav Canada more time to develop regulations with Transport Canada, as well as provide additional time for the equipment certification process associated with antenna diversity requirements. Nav Canada is expected to provide at least a year’s notice once a new mandate is finalized.