Consultant Assesses Green Credentials of Aircraft

 - December 7, 2020, 8:06 AM

ConnectSkies has launched its new aircraft acquisition consultancy aimed at helping customers choose environmentally sustainable options. The UK-based company, which has built a website to provide information and rate aircraft on their green credentials, is also planning to open a facility in central London to showcase new technology.

Business aircraft and charter flight brokerage veteran Gabriella Somerville is launching the new venture because she believes individuals, companies, governments, and investors are increasingly eager to embrace greener modes of transportation. Initially, ConnectSkies will focus on sales of existing aircraft that have relatively low carbon emissions and reduced fuel consumption. In the longer term, the company aims to work in partnership with developers of new electric aircraft and so-called advanced air mobility business models.

The ConnectSkies platform provides information on “current and emerging sustainable aviation brands, service providers, products and biofuels.” It includes two virtual showrooms, one profiling aircraft such as the King Air 360i and the Piaggio Avanti Evo, and the other spotlighting future eVTOL and other electric- and hybrid-powered new aircraft.

In 2021, the company expects to announce plans to open what it calls a “sustainable center of excellence” in central London. It is also planning to offer local school students the chance to learn more about green aviation.

“Focusing on environmental performance, versus typical key sales factors like speed and range, our team will be an independent conduit between prospective clients and OEMs or preowned aircraft brokerages,” said Somerville. “We have built up an extensive network of high-net-worth individuals over two decades in business aviation charter and sales. Many have become increasingly environmentally conscious and are determined to prioritize sustainability in any future decisions on aircraft ownership, fractional, or charter programs.”