Skytrac To Make Iridium Certus Terminals

 - September 29, 2020, 1:36 PM
Skytrac's SDL-350 Iridium Certus terminal.

Skytrac Systems has become a value-added manufacturer (VAM) for Iridium’s Certus 9810 modem. Iridium’s Certus network runs on the satellite operator’s Next network, which provides much faster speeds than the classic Iridium constellation. The new Certus modem enables manufacturers to build satcom terminals capable of streaming video and other bandwidth-intensive communications. 

In 2021, Skytrac will introduce the SDL-350, a 2-MCU system capable of upload and download speeds up to 352 kbps. According to Skytrac, in addition to live video streaming, the SDL-350 will be able to offer customers EO/IR imaging, telemedicine, timely recovery of flight data, large file transfers, credit card processing, Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System, and other critical communications services.

A lower-cost midband option will also be available, the Skytrac ISAT-200A-08 using Iridium’s Certus 9770 modem, with speeds of 22 kbps (upload) and 88 kbps (download). This unit will be capable of satcom voice and messaging, push-to-talk, flight data acquisition and monitoring, electronic flight bag automation, and real-time health and usage monitoring.

Skytrac is also an Iridium service provider, so customers can purchase hardware and service from the same source, as well as provide Iridium service for other satcom manufacturers that are not also service providers. The company will also help with the development and manufacturing of supplemental type certification and installation kits for the new systems.