Gogo Avance Wi-Fi System OK'd for More Biz Aircraft

 - September 23, 2020, 11:13 AM

Two MRO shops have been awarded STCs from the FAA for the installation of Gogo Business Aviation’s Avance L5 air-to-ground connectivity system while Swiss airframer Pilatus has selected Gogo’s Avance L3 system as an option for new production PC-24 jets. Pilatus also has acquired STCs for the installation of the L3 system on the PC-24 and PC-12 NGX.

“In-flight Wi-Fi has become one of the most important features requested by our customers, and based on the performance our PC-12 operators have enjoyed, it was an easy decision for us to add it as an option from the factory for the PC-24,” said Pilatus marketing v-p Tom Aniello. Avance L3 is a smaller, lighter, and lower-cost version of Gogo’s connectivity system for turboprops and light jets.

For the larger Avance L5, Duncan Aviation’s engineering and certification department has completed an STC for the Cessna Citation X/X+, which is its eighth STC for the system. Duncan said its STCs have been used for more than 183 installations of the Avance L5 system.

Additionally, Flightstar has received STC approval for L5 equipment installation in the Bombardier Learjet 40, 45, 70, and 75. Flightstar’s STC allows for the installation of the LRU and configuration module in the lavatory/baggage area.