MemberJets Unveils Per-seat Charter Booking Platform

 - May 21, 2020, 12:15 PM

MemberJets has rolled out a new flight and booking management platform designed to help Part 135 operators leverage the availability of the per-seat model under Part 380. The “SEATS” platform “legally allows [Part 135] operators the ability to hold out directly to the public on a per-seat basis,” according to the Kansas City-based DOT 380 marketplace.

“Obtaining DOT 380 credentials and certification can be a costly and daunting process, and we have removed that burden and expense to empower operators to fill the void that exists between commercial airlines and private travel,” said MemberJets CEO Ty Carter, adding the company’s platform provides a “seamless and low-cost” entry into DOT 380. MemberJets provides the back-office support to enable operators to meet DOT 380 compliance.

Carter noted that, with the Covid-19 crisis, consumers are looking for new travel alternatives. “Our software enables a turn-key solution into the world of shuttle flights, shared charters, empty legs, and special events, all on a per-seat basis, creating a higher margin per-flight hour," he said.

A direct-to-consumer booking platform, SEATS displays the branding of the operator, including name, logo, and colors, and enables the public to select and purchase individual seats on the associated DOT 380 flights.