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Liftkar Portable Stair Climber Makes NBAA Debut

 - October 17, 2018, 9:50 AM
Photo: Mariano Rosales

First-time NBAA-BACE exhibitor Mobility Lifter (Booth 1855) is displaying the Liftkar PT, a portable battery-operated stair climber that can lift an individual up aircraft or any other set of stairs. “It works indoors and outdoors, on carpeted stairs, wood, glass, concrete, curved stairs, and angled stairs,” said Jeanine Carroccio, exclusive North American distributor, along with husband Vito Ingrassia, for the Austrian-made Liftkar, which is manufactured by Sano Transportgeraete. The couple became the distributor six years ago after buying one for Carroccio’s mother. “There was nothing like it in the U.S.,” she said.

The Liftkar (Booth 1855) can support up to 352 pounds, weighs about 65 pounds, and can quickly disassemble into three pieces for easy stowage. They’re available in 15-inch and 20-inch models and cost about $8,000. Sano has sold Liftkars to international airlines, but Carroccio never marketed to the aviation field before and is receiving an enthusiastic reception at NBAA. 

“I’m finding attendees have family members who need it for home,” she said, but has also had strong interest from FBOs, charter management companies, and individual aircraft owners. Booth traffic at NBAA 2018 has been “way better” than anticipated, she said. A steady stream of attendees have been taking a seat in the Liftkar on display and getting lifted up the short staircase at the company’s booth, some using measuring tape to satisfy themselves the unit can fit into and down the aisles of tight business aircraft cabins. 

Sold through a nationwide network of dealers, the Liftkar has a host of safety features, including a sealed chain drive, locking wheels, and rugged construction. A rechargeable sealed lead acid battery can power the machine for 300 to 500 steps between charges.